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Leshten is located in the Western Rhodopes 900m . above sea visochina.Tuk can enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery unique . Leshten in recent years has become one of the most popular destinations offering alternative tourism . With its location, adventure and mysterious history it has always acted as a magnet for those seeking adventure and closeness to nature . Typical authentic architectural style of the village is unique and extremely rare is .

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       " Indescribable feeling is that pristine scenery and awesome views awaken in everyone standing on leshten hills facing back fiery sunset over the Rhodope Mountains. The fresh breeze carrying the scent of romance and herbs mixed with the taste of old wine and freshly prepared food on live coals in the fireplace , make the heart beat wildly and minds be transferred to a mysterious world of the past. Healing mountain air and the majesty of the mountains awaken deep chest sense of respect and appreciation for Mother Nature , as the ancient Thracians, who inhabited these lands for thousands of years have been awe and majesty . " Thus today's visitors to the village described by nostalgic feelings that are experienced there. Thousands of artifacts from the time of antiquity discovered by archaeologists in the region - architectural complex " Nicopolis ad Nestrum " show that then as now the region of Leshten was deeply venerated place.

Welcome to Hotel Leshten !

       Hotel " Leshten " is located on the southern slopes of the Rhodope Mountains in the village of Leshten , offering a unique view of the Mesta River and the Rhodope Mountains.
      The complex is open year round and offers 13 double rooms, 3 suites and 2 studios located in two buildings (no walkway between buildings ) . The studios do not have balconies ! All double rooms can accommodate a third person , an extra bed and a fifth person in two of the apartments.
      Restaurant with 60 seats, offering unique wines of one of the oldest wineries in the country, winery Asenovgrad . Delicious meals prepared from organic products, old recipes grandma .
      Available every guest is a lobby bar, conference hall , parking.


The architecture of the hotel is entirely geared towards the preservation of the unique Bulgarian customs and culture , renowned for its incredible beauty. Building structures are made from environmentally friendly and quality materials , mainly wood, stone and wrought iron , made by the hands of skillful craftsmen.
       The authentic architecture is largely borrowed from proven time-honored traditions applicable to Bulgarian four seasons and designed to ensure comfort and safety , warmth in winter and coolness in the summer heat . We offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in both mystical past and bright future of one of the most unique tourist destinations in the Balkans - with . Leshten


Leshten is invaluable historical landmark , preserving the specific Rhodope architecture during the Renaissance . By Leshten has nature trails suitable for hiking . Leshten is located 8 km. Kovachevica of architectural reserve , 7 km . by v. Ognyanovo, famous for its mineral springs.
       One of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities Gotse Delchev is only 15 km. from the village. The world famous ski resort is a 40 minute drive and 100 km . Leshten away from beautiful coastal resorts of the Aegean more.Letishteto in Thessaloniki (Greece) and new highways contribute to easy access to . Leshten .
      The combination of these facts makes the area one of the most attractive for Bulgarian and international tourists.